STIHL x SH Valga-Valka rogaine


Valga Sports hall

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Course setter

Joosep Tammemäe


10:00 Event center is open, race material handout
11:10 Briefing about rogain (for the beginners and all other questions about map etc..)
11:30 Map handout to all the classes
12:00 Start for the main and hiking classes
12:15 Start for the family and bike classes
14:45 Control time ending for the family and bike classes
15:00 Control time ending for the main class
15:30 Award ceremony for all the classes (approximately)

Additional information

Competition center and parking

Competition center is located next to the Valga Sports hall. Parking takes place in nearby parking lots and along the streets. Please follow the parking signs!


10.00 Event center is open, race material handout
11.10 Briefing about rogaine (for the beginners and all other questions about map etc..)
11.30 Map handout to all the classes
12.00 Start for main and hiking classes 
12.15 Start for the family and bicycle classes
14.45 Control time ending for the family class
14.45 Control time ending for the bicycle class
15.00 Award ceremony for the bicycle class (approximately)
15.00 Control time ending for the main class
15.30 Award ceremony for the main class (approximately)

Showers and catering

There is a showering/changing facility in the Valga Sports hall.
Meals are served with RINGO reusable bowls and cups. Please put them in the right bag after eating and clean them of food waste beforehand!
HoneyPower gels and bars can also be purchased from the secretariat.

Luggage storage

There is luggage storage tent in the competition center where you can leave your personal belongins, car keys, etc.

Competition materials

Competition materials (also rented SPORTident (SI) cards) are available from the secretariat. Please reset all SI-cards, including rented SI-cards, and check them when entering the start area! If the SI-card is not reset the result is canceled.
The SI-card punching system will be used in every class. It can be rented from the organizers (2€). In family class the rent will cost 1€.

All participants must attach the SI-card with a non-removable wristband. Wristband will be given from organizers with other competition materials. In family class, only one member must attach the SI-card with a non-removable wristband.

All members of a team must visit the control point for the team to receive points of that control point within 60 seconds, starting from registering the first SI-card of the team. As there are 39 control points on the terrain, SI-cards with capacity for at least 50 entries are needed. Capacity protests will not be upheld later.
Notice! The finishing time for each competitor will be marked when the very last registration with the SI-card at the finish station is done.
The wristband must remain intact and around the wrist when it gets to the finish.


1:15 000 (1 cm on the map is 115 meters in nature), the distance between the same height lines is 2.5 meters. The size of the card sheet is 55x32cm.

The map was drawn by Marek Karm, corrections by Joosep Tammemäe.
The map is printed on waterproof paper and it can be inserted into the plastic bag. There will be a plastic bag for each team among the starting materials.

Areas striped in red or olive green on the map are prohibited to enter by all the participants. These are private areas so please respect everyone’s privacy!

NB! The map does not reflect the permeability of the forest – both the beautiful pine forest and the energy bush are reflected in white. The fellings and half open juveniles are marked with a yellow sign and with white mummies.

Mandatory equipment

Since the Valga-Valka rogaine takes place in two neighboring countries, all participants must bring an ID card or other identification document with them to the track!

Track master’s comment

The Valga-Valka rogaine landscape offers enough variety to forget whether it is a city or a forest rogaine. The most sweeter points take participants off the city streets and to all cardinal directions from the competition center. Week before the race, the terrain was drier than expected, which does not necessarily mean that you can cross every bridge with dry feet. Ditches could mostly be crossed without a lifeline, in some cases it was necessary to make a small hook or climb some trees. There was no desire to cross the map dividing Pedel River, the current was fast and there is a lot of water.
Crossing the river is prohibited in the competition, because crossing the river without a bridge means you’ll be swimming rather than being knee- or hip-deep in water. Not sprouted vegetation makes it more enjoyable to ride on the terrain, however, riders must take into account that if a point is marked in the forest, it is in the forest and riding in there can be somewhat troublesome. There are not too many such points and trails are mostly ridable. In conclusion, I believe that the track is sufficiently varied, not too wet and with a moderate ratio between the city and the forest landscape.

The total length of the track is a little less than 31 km. The actual length of the hiking track should be about 11 km. Please be extremely careful when crossing the railway and follow the prohibited areas marked on the map by the organizers!

Pictures from track masters phone:LINK!

Classes, conditions, check time

Teams of 2-5 members can participate. Control time for the main class is 3 hours, for the bike and family class it is 2.5 hours.
A hiking class has been added, where participants can move along the route which consists the most interesting points and keeps the orienteering suitable for everyone. On this route, it is allowed to go with a friends group.


Register at:

Registration to events separately:
IBAN: EE472200221061466747 Swedbank, MTÜ Seiklushunt
Explanation field: name of the team/event (i.e. TeamSeiklushunt/Valga Rogaine)

NB! If you want to pay by invoice, please do not pay with the payment link in the registration environment. Send this request to and then pay with a separate transfer based on the invoice!

Start order

Teams will get their maps at the starting area at 11.30. The maps are laid down rolled up. Each roll has a team number on it. Each team also has one extra map for planning. After receiving the maps, the teams can start planning their track away from the starting area (e.g. in the car). All teams must be at the start area at least 10 minutes before the start. When entering the starting area, the judges check that all competitors have the SI-card zeroed and attached to their wrist.


The amount of points for a checkpoint differs by difficulty and distance (from 2 to 5) according to the first digit of the control point number (e.g. control point 47 gives 4 points and 56 gives 5 points). The amount and order of the control points collected is free to choose by the team. Exceeding the control time results in a penalty of -1 point for every minute exceeded (e.g finishing the main class with 3:00:34 time gives a penalty of -1 point). Exceeding the check time for more than 30 minutes results in disqualification. 

GPS tracking


All participants must obey all the traffic rules during the competition (i.e. traffic lights), and are solely responsible for their well-being. If there is a checkpoint missing or it is somehow damaged please let organizer know as soon as possible. Organizer’s phone number is shown on the map!

There is no water stops – it is recommended to take your own water with you. We recommend doing this either in a bottle belt attached around the waist, in a backpack (camel bag) or in another similar way.

After competition

After finishing, please proceed to the results countdown immediately. Since most of the participants finish at the same time, there may be a queue in the countdown. We ask for your understanding. Each finisher will have Värska Originaal water and warm food at the finish line.

Awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony will take place at the competition center approximately 15.30. The best three teams of MM, NN, MN and only the winners in the other classes will be awarded, except in family class where lottery prizes will be given.

By making a registration and paying the entry fee, the participant agrees:

… with the instructions, rogaine general guide and conditions set by the organizer;
… that his/her personal data is used in accordance with Estonian laws and regulations;
… that the organizer will send information e-mails;
… that photographs may be taken of him/her at the event;
… that he/she is well trained and healthy to participate in the sport event.

Rights of the organizer

  • The organizer has the right to make changes in the additional information that will be available at the beginning of the competition week.
  • The organizer has the right to disqualify any participants who do not follow the instructions and regulations of the competition.
  • The organizer has the right to use photos and videos taken during the event for its promotional use.
  • If the event is cancelled due to conditions not caused by the organizer (Force Majeure), the participation fees will not be refunded.
  • If a registered person is not present, the participation fee will not be refunded.
  • Questions which cannot be solved based on this guide will be resolved on an ongoing basis by the organizer.

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