8 hour Pähni training rogain instructions

Rogain is a team orienteering competition where the aim is to collect as many points as possible while visiting as many control points spread across the terrain as possible during the given time frame.

The amount of points received from a single control point differs by the location and accessibility of the control point. The order of visiting control points is not marked which means every team chooses its own route. There is no minimum amount set for control points to be taken – every team chooses the route and amount of control points according to their skills.

Pähni rogain time and place:

24st July, RMK Pähni visitor center.

Google maps!


08:00 Start of race material handout
09:00 Map handout to the main classes
10:00 Start for the main classes
11:00 Map handout to the classes family, bike and orienteering hike
12:00 Start for the classes family, bike and orienteering hike
16:00 Control time ending for the family class
17:00 Control time ending for the bicycle class
18:00 Control time ending for the main class

Showers and catering:

There is possibility to swim in the lake at the competition center.
There will be meal and a bottle of water for the participants after the finish.

Classes, conditions, check time:

Teams of 2-5 members can participate. Control time for the main class is 8 hours, for the bicycle class 5 hours and for the family class 4 hours.

ClassConditionsControl time
MMMain class men8 hours
NNMain class women8 hours
MNMain class men and women8 hours
MM45Men born 1975 and earlier8 hours
NN45Women born 1975 and earlier8 hours
MN45Men and women born 1975 and earlier8 hours
BICYCLERegardless of gender, with bicycles5 hours
FAMILYNo age limit, from at least two different generations OR all team members should be from one family (born 2004 or earlier), bikes are allowed4 hours
Orienteering hikeIndividual participantsMarked track about 12-14km long


There is no awarding ceremony for the race!

Punching system:

SPORTident punching system will be used in every class. SPORTident card can be rented from the organizers (2€). In family class, the SPORTident rent will cost 1€.

All participants must attach the SPORTident device with a non-removable wristband. Wristband will be given from organizers with other competition materials. In family class, only one member must attach the SPORTident device with a non-removable wristband. All members of a team must visit the control point for the team to receive points of that control point within 60 seconds, starting from registering the first SPORTident device of the team. As there are more than 30 control points on the terrain, SI-cards with capacity for at least 50 entries are needed. This means SPORTident devices with numbers 1 – 499 999 and 2 000 000 – 2 999 999 cannot be used. Capacity protests will not be upheld later.

Notice! The finishing time for each competitor will be marked when the very last registration with the SPORTident at finish station is done.

Competition rules:

  • The aim of the competition is to collect as many points as possible while visiting as many control points spread across the terrain as possible. It can be done either on foot or by bicycle within the given time period.
  • The amount of points for a checkpoint differs by difficulty and distance (from 2 to 5) according to the first digit of the control point number (e.g. control point 47 gives 4 points). The amount and order of the control points collected is free to choose by the team.
  • Competition materials include bib-numbers, protective firm for the map, wristbands to attach the SPORTident devices – one per team member.
  • The wristband must remain intact and around the wrist when it gets to the finish.
  • In the main class, the course is open for 8 hours, in the “bicycle” class the course is open 5 hours and in the “family” class the control time is 4 hours. Exceeding the control time results in a penalty of -1 point for every minute exceeded (e.g finishing the bicycle class with 3:00:34 time gives a penalty of -1 point). Exceeding the check time for more than 30 minutes results in disqualification.
  • The points collected after deducting the penalties will determine final ranking. With the same amount of points, the faster team ranks higher. Finish time of the team will be calculated after the last participant of the team has registered the SPORTident device.
  • During the competition (from the start until the finish), all participants must wear the bib-numbers visible. If one or more members of the team wish to discontinue the competition, the team must return to finish and the whole team must end the competition. Only maps handed out by the organizers may be used during the competition with the help of a compass and a wristwatch.
  • The use of other navigation devices and programmable devices is prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • Areas streaked in red or olive green on the map are prohibited to enter by all the participants. These are private areas, please respect the privacy.

Registration and participation fees:

Register at registration page!
In the main and in the “bicycle” class fees are per participant.
In the class “family”, the fee is per team.
Rent of the SPORTident is 2€, for family class it is 1€.

Registration to events separately:
IBAN: EE472200221061466747 Swedbank, MTÜ Seiklushunt
Explanation field: name of the team/event (i.e. TeamSeiklushunt/Pärnu Rogain)

Entry fees:

I round – until 01.06 – 25€
II round – until 19.07 – 30€
III round – until 23.07 and on the race center -35€
Orienteering hiking class is about 30% cheaper.


All participants must obey all the traffic rules during the competition (i.e. traffic lights), and are solely responsible for their well-being.

Rights of the organizer:

The organizer has the right to make changes in the additional information that will be available at the beginning of the competition week.

The organizer has the right to disqualify any participants who does not follow the instructions and regulations of the competition.

The organizer has the right to use photos and videos taken during the event for its promotional use.

If the event is cancelled due to conditions not caused by the organizer (Force Majeure), the participation fees will not be refunded.

If a registered person is not present, the participation fee will not be refunded.

Questions which cannot be solved based on this guide will be resolved on an ongoing basis by the organizer.

Markus Puusepp – Mapper
Taavi Tatsi – Course Setter

MTÜ Seiklushunt,
phone: +372 5821 1203

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